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Restaurants and bars

Beautiful nature and entertainment options are not the only features of the Lepota Eco Hotel located in the countryside can please its guests with. Delicious food is an nice bonus. There are several restaurants and bars at your disposal that would fit even the most sophisticated taste.
It`s well-know that good vacations imply healthy food. All dishes in our restaurants are made of fresh organic products. Experienced cooks prepare most sophisticated and delicious dishes.

If you prefer traditional Russian cuisine, visit our Russian restaurant - you`ll be very pleased to see how diverse Russian cuisine may be. Eco style design of the restaurant is noteworthy, as it makes it especially cozy. We did not forget about European cuisine lovers either. They will find there dainty dishes fit for a king! 

Those who prefer a nice conversation in good company will really love the comfort and coziness of our lobby bar. You are sure to like the beverages and cocktails it offers. Visit our eco restaurant or bar and find out for yourself. We believe that you will be very satisfied with the quality of the beverages and food, as well as with the service!
Monday - Sunday

Would you like to enjoy luxurious European cuisine? Would you like you menu to include only exquisite and tasty dishes made from organic products? Then you are invited to our Italian restaurant il Ruscello! 

Excellent stylish interior, rich menu, impeccable first-class service - all this is waiting for you. Try national Italian dishes, enjoy beautiful music, and feel the atmosphere of joy and pleasure!

The Italian restaurant il Ruscello located in the Moscow Region is a true paradise on Earth that deserves its name. The windows of the restaurant open to breathtaking views of pristine nature! The restaurant is located on the bank of the Dubna River and is called by the locals and the guests “Venice of Russia”.

All main construction elements are made of wood which gives the restaurant a unique atmosphere of natural purity and coziness. Spicy wood aroma fills the air as if the guests were dining in a real forest. Mingled with the smells of exquisite dishes, it makes the atmosphere of the restaurant truly magical! If you are interested in restaurants in the Moscow Region, choose us!

Lobby bar
Our lobby bar is an amazingly comfortable place that is equally suitable for rest and for work (for example, for business meetings). This bar with stylish interior will give you the feeling of warmth and coziness. 
The Russkiy restaurant
In the Russkiy restaurant you will be able to see traditional Russian dishes from a new point of view - all due to the secrets of the local chef that he reveals to no one, even his own apprentices.